About Sierra Hills Stone...

Founded in 1986 by Kevin Bartlett, Sierra Hills Stone is exactly what it states – we sell sculpture quality soapstone that is extracted from the foothills of the Sierra! Our California soapstone is absolutely some of the most colorful in the world. All of our soapstone is laboratory tested to assure that it contains no toxins of any kind! We can supply you with everything you need to get started working in this wonderful medium. We sell tools. We sell sealer. We sell carving kits. We sell carving accessories.

It came to light early on that we needed to sell alabaster as well as soapstone because so many artists asked for it. We get our alabaster from a wonderful artist friend who is a Crow Indian and he brings it from Nevada. We usually have whites, whites with veining, red orange and pink.

When soapstone countertops made a come back we decided to sell this material after all we are passionate about soapstone! We sell the counters, sinks, tiles and more! We love all natural stone and can provide you with your granite, marble, quartz or whatever natural stone you might like.

We have folks here that can create most anything out of wood. We use local woods from the Sierra foothills such as redwood, pine and cedar. You can come visit us creating tables, benches, flooring materials and much more.

Over the years folks have commented on our beautiful, historical buildings. We have scales in our buildings over a hundred years old that do tonnage and still calibrate right on the money everytime! We are in the old Angels Camp Railroad Depot. Recently we decided to form an “Art Colony” and invite artists to come here and work. Little by little we are filling our available space with wonderful folks who love to do art!