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Soapstone countertops, tiles and fireplaces. We can assist you from beginning to end with your project. Soapstone is not a new countertop material it simply has come back! Thanks to folks like “This Ol House” and Martha Stewart soapstone has made a come back. It has been used for centuries to heat houses, tile floors and for sinks and countertops. Chances are your chemistry laboratory had a soapstone sink.

The material utilized for countertops, tiles and fireplaces has to be dense. The darker the color of soapstone the denser the material. Hence all material is green in its color palette. It appears light charcoal gray until it is oiled. There is actually a material that appears oiled and never has to be but the hues to this material are in the green family. You can oil it so much it appears black to the naked eye.

Soapstone can attest to four things that no other natural stone can:

  1. You can’t stain it with anything
  2. It loves heat.
  3. There isn’t an acid known to man that can damage this material.
  4. It does not collect bacteria.

We sell all natural stone granite, quartz, marble, slate but we are passionate about soapstone. Ask us about local California soapstone for your fireplace surround or for you hearth or bath vanity. Our colorful stones can be utilized for these purposes.